Restore deleted files MacFiles are deleted from system or laptop due to various reasons such as use of antivirus tool, accidental formatting, unintentional deletion, emptied recycle bin or trash, etc. Such scenarios are responsible for permanent deletion of files from system or even laptops. The users get horrified when huge amount of data is deleted from the device and start searching for reliable tool to recover deleted files.

Recover Delete Files is an effective software that scans entire drive and recover deleted files with few mouse clicks. This software can also recover lost data from hard drive, SD card, XD card, external hard drive, memory card, USB drive, etc. With the use of this tool, you are able to recover media file, Photoshop files, PDF files and archive file. The software provide 24×7 support to the users while facing difficulty during recovery process.

Reasons for deletion of data loss  

Unintentional Deletion: While removing unwanted files or performing certain task on system, if user accidentally press delete button then files get deleted from the system.

Formatting: It is an option responsible for removing files stored in data storage device. If user press format button intentionally or unintentionally then all files and folder stored on data storage device is deleted permanently.

Error in File System: The error in file system results in loss of data from any storage device. The file system is corrupted due to virus attack as a result of which OS unable to find out the location of files and folder. And finally data become unreachable from storage device.

Bad Sectors: These sectors on storage device is due to physical damage such as overheating or power sink. Any files written over that sector get corrupted and lost from drive.

With the help of recover delete files tool, you can recover deleted or lost files from different devices. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac latest versions.

Features of Recover Delete Files Software

  • Using this tool, you are able to recover deleted files from recycle bin on Windows operating system or trash on Mac systems.
  • It recovers files of least 300 file types in easy and effective way. This software also provides option to add new file types.
  • Save Recovery Session is available on this software that allow user resume or pause the recovery process.
  • This software also contains advanced interface so that novice user can even recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, external HDD, flash drive, memory card, etc.
  • You can sort out recovered files from the list according to file name, type, signature and format.

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