Do you want to erase your files completely? You want to do this because you may have any confidential files or any private data that you don’t want others to access. In this situation, just formatting the drive will not help. By using the recovery software, you can get the formatted data back. Then what’s the use of formatting the data? For this, you can use a file shredder software, what this actually does is deletes the same file multiple types by overwriting it in the hard drive. This makes the recovery software unable to recover it. The recovery software will look for the data in the hard drive and fails because it was overwritten multiple number of times. If you delete a file from your computer, the actual file will not get deleted. Only the link to the file gets deleted, so the recovery is easy here.

You can erase files completely and permanently by using a tool called Remo File Eraser. By using this tool, one can delete the files, folders and even partitions. All it requires is few simple clicks from the users. The installation is also very simple as it is designed for users with less technical expertise. Just few clicks starting from selecting the files / folders and you are all done. Then you can even try it with a recovery software, it won’t show them as it gets erased securely. So, if you are searching for a software to shred files, then Remo File Eraser is definitely worth using.

Watch the following video to know more. It gives essential information and acts as a guide to erase files completely off your hard drive.

Features of Remo File Eraser

  • This tool has the option to delete the files or folders completely from recycle bin.
  • Option to select the folders and files individually or group them for secure delete.
  • Supports shredding of files from hard drives, memory cards, solid state drives, USB pen drives, etc.
  • In-built scheduler to organize and schedule the file deletion from disk drives.
  • User friendly interface that lets users to drag and drop files for deletion.

Why Erase Files Completely?

There are many reasons that you want to erase the files completely from your hard disk. You may simply want to clean up the disk space, or you have confidential information about something that you don’t want others to access it, or it may be private data. The reasons may be anything but you don’t want any recovery software to retrieve it. Then you can trust this application and try it by yourself. You fill find it good and even suggest it to your buddies.

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