Basically, an MS Outlook is nothing but an email client application used for managing personal information, exchanging emails and sharing common data across multiple users. It also provides many other utilities like contact manager, calendar, task manager, note tasking, journal, etc. Whenever, a user creates an account in the Microsoft Outlook the data items associated with it gets created on the mail server and on the user’s computer .The data items stored in the user’s computer are kept in an Outlook data file called as .pst.

PST file is a personal storage table also called as Outlook data file which is used for Web based mail accounts, POP3, IMAP, etc. All the data items such as mails, contacts, tasks, etc. will be stored in this PST file and they require working internet connection to access those data items. You can also work offline by creating OST files which automatically gets synchronized with the mail server whenever you are connected to the internet.

Due to the above mentioned features of Outlook, the number of Outlook users increasing day by day and they often suffer some form of Outlook errors such as “Outlook not responding” or “Outlook PST is not responding” due to some unavoidable reasons such as PST corruption, OST corruption, etc. Because of this, the users lose access to their precious data and go panic about whether they can repair the PST and get back all those essential data from it.

All we can say to the user now is to stop worrying and try to repair the PST file by using inbox repair tool i.e. ScanPST which is a default utility provided by the Microsoft, if you can recover all your Outlook data using the ScanPST tool then it is good for you but many a times this might not help if your PST file is severely corrupted, also some times it may further corrupt the file. So, the best suitable method to fix “Outlook PST file not responding” error is to use a professional and trusted repair tool such as PST Repair software.

Some common reasons for the “Outlook not responding” error

  • Most of the times, users have large mail boxes which exceeds the size limit of the PST file in the mail server due to which the data in the PST file may get damaged.
  • Sometimes, while you are accessing your mailbox the computer may shutdown suddenly leading to the damage of the PST file.
  • When the same mailbox is shared among multiple users and some of them may simultaneously modify which will lead to PST file corruption.
  • Usually, the Outlook consumes lots of resources as it offers many features and acts as a connectivity tool for other software and hardware products, so the Outlook may get in conflict with the other third party tools leading damage of the Outlook data files.

How PST repair software fix the Outlook file error?

  • The PST file repair tool is designed with a simple and effective graphical user interface so that the user can fix “Outlook file not responding” error very easily.
  • The tool is developed with dynamic and robust algorithms that will repair your PST file and make your precious data accessible within matter of seconds.
  • Unlike other repair tools this tool can repair and recover almost all of data items such as journals, contacts, meetings, RSS records etc.

This repair software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. In order to get info on how to securely manage PST files in Microsoft Outlook, you can visit link.

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