“So I had a few videos on my pen drive that I ended up deleting accidentally. I now want these videos back so is there any way to recover deleted videos from my drive or have I lost them permanently?”

No, you can easily recover video files from your drive by just installing and running a video recovery software on your computer. Regardless of the operating system on your computer, the video recovery software used in this video can recover video files from your drive in a fast and secure manner. It is also the most recommended application that is used across the world to recover deleted videos as well.

Videos come in different sizes and types and are more or less saved on SD cards which are used on smartphones. Users film videos on their cameras and smartphones from time to again and remain on the SD card until the user prefers to delete them. Videos recorded on a smartphone will usually be saved with a MP4 or MOV file extension. However, there are other devices that save the videos with a AVI, DIVX and many other video file extensions.

These videos may be high definition videos which occupy more space on the disk. Regardless of what type or size your video is, it can go missing due to various errors in the drive on which it is saved to. The most common ways of losing videos is by accidental deletion by the user. When you have a duplicate copy, there is nothing to fear about whereas a use without a backup might have to worry about recovering the videos back.

However, you now don’t have to worry about recovering deleted or lost videos from your drive because you can effortlessly perform a video recovery on your drive and recover deleted videos off it as shown in the above video. It is very important to employ a safe and certified video recovery software while recovering videos from your drive because the video recovery software has to be in a state to recover videos of all types and sizes which is possible only with a video recovery software that is used in the above tutorial.

The above software is the only tool that has the ability to recover videos in its original form and never alters it while the video is being retrieved from your drive. After deleting videos from your drive, the user has to make sure that the same drive is put away from all other read/write functions. This is to prevent new data from writing over the deleted videos which will still continue to remain on your drive even after they have been deleted. Suppose new data overwrites your deleted videos, then the videos are lost permanently from your drive and can never be found anywhere on the drive. This means the video cannot be recovered so it is highly important that you prevent data overwrite from happening on your drive so that you can perform a successful video recovery from your drive.

More features of this video recovery software:

  • This software is not just limited for recovering deleted videos but can also recover lost videos from all your drives.
  • It can recover videos of all types and extension such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP and so on.
  • Videos of any size can be recovered by using this software.
  • You can recover deleted/lost videos from SD cards, external/internal hard drives and pen drives of any type or brand.
  • You get the option to save the recovered videos to any folder of your choice after the video recovery is completed.

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