Hard drive is one of the most important parts of computer which saves all user data and also contains operating system. This system hard drive is reliable, fast and offer high data storage capacity. It consists of one or more magnetic disk platters in which files are stored. The files are saved on drive magnetically remain there even after the power supply is turned off. User can store huge amount of data in their system hard drive partition such as movies, pictures, games, audios, applications and many more. These system hard drive contains files might not be safe and secure towards data saved on these drives.

Suppose, if people accidentally format their system partition instance of other externally connected drive, then it will lead to complete data loss. After coming such painful situations there is no need to be panic because, Format Recovery Software can help you to restore formatted hard drive data easily, but the question is how to recover formatted hard drive or what will be the procedure of recovering data from formatted hard drive. There is no need to worry about it because this easy to use software is built with very easy to use interface which helps you in step by step for recovering data from formatted system hard drive easily.

There are many reasons which might cause to hard drive partitions or volumes format and results in large amount of data loss. When the data get erased or lost from drive due to formatting, most of the people assume that files are gone permanently, but the truth is somewhat different still people can recover formatted hard drive data with the help of this hassle free utility very easily.

Most Common Reasons behind Hard Drive Formatting:

  • System hard drive partition can turned in to RAW, any interruption during converting the file system of drive partition to another format. Any sort of error encountered during this process occur, then the system fails to recognize, which file system it is and treat that particular drive as RAW by which user need to format it.
  • If Master Boot Record is corrupted or damaged due to attack of suspicious program or any other reasons, then system drive becomes unreachable. MBR is the essential part of the every hard disk because it is very important at the time of booting an operating system. In such situation, formatting may become mandatory to resolve this problem.
  • Virus or malware infection on system hard drive, partition corruption, presence of large number of bad sectors on the drive, hard drive failed, partition corruption, an OS crash, system reinstalled, drive defragmentation, can also cause to drive format.

No matter which reason is responsible for hard drive formatting, people can recover formatted hard drive data easily by using Format Recovery Utility. It is designed carefully and has the trouble free user interface to bring back files from formatted hard drives. Therefore, even non-technical user can also use this tool without any problem and retrieve data. This Well-organized recovery tool can help people to find out data from the list of restored data on the basis of their file name, creation date, extension, size and date.

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