The latest version of Microsoft Office Outlook is 2013 and in Mac OS X is 2011. It is presented as a part of Microsoft Office Suite which was developed and launched by the Microsoft. Other than giving the privileges to use the email based application, it also allows the user to achieve our messages, contacts, meetings, calendar events, task and different types of attributes. This utility can be used as stand-alone program that means you don’t have to install all the other application / tools that come with the Microsoft suite. It can work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Share Point Server too. There is a simple procedure to integrate a third party application to integrate Outlook with different types of servers.

Microsoft Outlook uses only two extensions for saving the Outlook data which are known as Outlook.pst and Outlook.ost. Users use OST when they have a Microsoft Exchange account and when they wish to accomplish their work offline mode. But, most of the users do not prefer to the extension OST to save their data since it often corrupts, since it is stored on the server. So instead of OST, PST has a much advantages and can be saved anywhere on the Hard drive of your computer.recover PST files from crashed hard drive

But, hard disk drive is prone to crash, as it includes an enormous data loss. Facing the crash can be always painful when you come across hard disk crash, all the data including your stored PST files become inaccessible and you will not be able to get back your Outlook.pst files saved on the hard disk. On such circumstances, your stored PST files can only be recuperated using effective software like “Recover PST” utility. Read on to know more about how to recover PST file from a crashed hard drive.

Reasons for hard drive to get crashed:

  • OS upgrading: Suppose, if you are updating your operating system. Then, chances are there that your PST files stored on the hard drive may get completely erased. You might be thinking how your PST files got inaccessible? Well, if you have stockpiled your MS Outlook PST files in the partition where your OS is installed then during the upgrading process you might lose your PST file.
  • Formatting wrong partition: Windows lets you to format a particular partition using the format option. However, you also have the option to format a partition from the command by using the format “drive letter”:\ command. Sometimes, you might accidentally format the wrong partition by entering the wrong drive letter i.e. C: instead of D: Thus, this lead to loss of your PST files stored.
  • Other reasons:  Your hard disk of your computer may also get crashed due to file system corruption, bad sector, software conflicts etc. might also result in inaccessible of your PST file presented on your hard drive as this indicated loss.

How to recover PST files from crashed hard drive

Recovering files from a crashed or formatted hard drive is a complex task. So, to get back lost Microsoft Outlook.pst from crashed hard drive it’s important to use a reliable utility, one of such optimum tool is “Recovery PST Software”. This application was built by a group of professional IT experts to rescue lost PST file from crashed/formatted hard drive. This tool is supported on Microsoft windows platforms from Windows 2003 to Windows 7.

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