Usually, pen drive or thumb drive comes on USB flash drive category. This drive can store almost all type of data including photos. Generic and RAW, both type of pictured can be kept inside USB flash drive. When it comes to uses, mostly used for transferring data from on system to another. That is why, there is high chances for loss of data from USB drives.

For example, you want to transfer photos to the computer memory. So, you have connected the USB drive to the system, but unfortunately the computer was already infected by viruses. In such case, computer viruses can damage the USB flash drive, or sometimes it can delete files including pictures on the drive.

So, if you are facing deletion of photos from USB flash drive and want to recover it, then let’s learn here. You can easily recover photos from flash drive with the utilization of software like Undelete USB. It is the most powerful and efficient tool to recover deleted USB photos. The software is based upon read only mechanism, so it can safely recover deleted photos from USB drive like pen drive, thumb drive and so on. And you can perform it on any Windows or Mac system.

Some of the possible reasons behind deletion or loss of photos from USB flash drive are as follows:

  • Accidental deletion: While removing unwanted pictures, you may accidently erase some valuable photos. And one thing you must know that deleted files from USB drive is never going to be saved on Recycle Bin or Trash. Hence, in such situation you might lose some precious photos permanently.
  • Third party software: Sometimes, antivirus program can erase USB photos after scanning for viruses on USB flash drives.
  • Improper file transfer: If you are transferring photos from USB drive to system storage using cut paste method, then any interruption during the process might lead to loss of pictures from USB drive memory as well as system memory.
  • Mistakenly formatted USB drive: As we know that formatting the drive will result in loss of all data kept inside it. So, if you have mistakenly formatted the USB flash drive then there will be loss of all data including memorable photos stored on its memory.

Various features of Undelete USB software:

It has a fastest scanning algorithm that can quickly scan the entire USB drive to recover deleted USB photos within couple of minutes. Along with the software is designed with graphical interface, which will help you to restore deleted USB photos in an efficient manner. Even non- technical users can successfully recover deleted USB photos using this advanced photo recovery tool. The software facilitates to retrieve deleted USB photos using Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2003, Snow, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and several other Mac or Windows OS enabled computers.

Utilizing this highly ranked photo recovery product, you can recover deleted USB pictures of various formats such as PNG, JPG, CR2, DNG, NIF, KDC and many more. It supports recovery of deleted photos from USB drive of almost any brands like Transcend, Sony, PNY, HP, Samsung, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, etc. In fact, the software can be utilized to recover deleted images on SD card, xD card, digital camera, camcorder, smartphones and so on. Apart from recovering deleted USB photos, you can also recover deleted USB videos and audio files in an effective way.

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