Hi! Last night I tried to download an MP4 file. It was almost near to complete, but it has stopped suddenly because of some network issues. Whenever I try to play that downloaded file, it shows an error notification stating that “file could not be played”. Since it is a large sized MP4 file, I can’t download that once again. Can anybody suggest me a solution to perform corrupt mp4 file repair? Thanks”

MP4 is a well known file format used to play audio and video in a synchronized manner. Most of the device supports an MP4 file. But in some cases, the files could not be accessed or played properly. It is due to the corruption of the that file. If your mp4 file got corrupted, you can repair corrupt mp4 files using Corrupt File Repair tool to fix this problem permanently. There are many reasons for mp4 file corruption. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • Changing the File Format: Say for example, you are converting your MP4 file to AVI file. If you are using any unreliable tools or inappropriate methods for that purpose, your MP4 file may get corrupted.
  • Error in Extracting Compressed File: Assume that you have an archived video file. At the time of extracting the file, due to several reasons your file may get damaged.
  • Improper Download: Assume that, you are downloading a video file. Due to poor network your file has stopped its downloading. In this situation, there may be a chance for corruption of that file.
  • CODEC Error: To play an audio or a video file, codec is important. Codec allows the file to do actions like burn, play, sync, etc. This codec may get corrupted sometimes, due to this error your mp4 file may not play properly.
  • Interruption during File Transfer: Suppose you are trying to move your file from one storage location to another. Before completing the transfer, you have accidentally abort the transfer process. At that time your file may get a chance for corruption.
  • Usage of Third Party Application: Installing an untrusted media player application to play your video may result in header file corruption. As a result, your MP4 file cannot be played.
  • Other Reasons: Improper shutdown of the system at the time of playing your file, storage drive corruption are some of the other reasons for MP4 file corruption.

If you are facing the same problem and want to get your corrupt mp4 file to be repaired without any further damage, use Corrupt File Repair tool.

What is the speciality of this software?

Corrupt File Repair tool can fix your damaged file without making ant changes to your source file. It just extracts the information from your original file, repairs it and creates a new copy of the fixed mp4 file. It uses deep scanning algorithm to fix the damaged file. Files that are damaged due to improper conversion or improper download can also be fixed by this tool. In order to perform corrupt mp4 file repair in an effective way, make use Corrupt File Repair tool.

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