Sometimes, you might have felt upset, in the moment when you come to know that you have deleted some of your important files accidentally from your storage drive. Anyway, if you have deleted files from your PC, there is a way to recover your erased files with the help of Recycle Bin or Trash folder where the deleted items will be saved temporarily. But, this option will not work for other external drives like camera, Smartphone, memory cards, etc were files which are deleted will bypass Recycle Bin and will be erased permanently.

If this really happened, you would have lost hope of getting back your important files which are deleted. At this stage don’t worry, to overcome this issue you can make use of file uneraser tool where this tool can be used to unerase file from any storage devices which are deleted accidentally.

unerase filesUsually, if any data is deleted from a location, you may think that the data is completely deleted from the storage device. But in fact it’s not true. The file remains in the same location of your storage drive but only the file address pointer which is used to access the file gets deleted. Due to this your operating system will not be able to locate that particular file, which makes your files to become inaccessible, in this situation you can unerase file easily with the help of a recovery tool. Before using this recovery tool, you should make sure, not to overwrite the space where files have been deleted otherwise it may cause permanent data loss.

Some of the data loss situations are listed below:

  • Accidental formatting:One of the common mistakes among all users is drive formatting. While using the drive without knowing you may accidentally select format option, which leads to deletion of files that are saved on the respective drives.
  • Use of Third Party Applications: Utilizing third party applications to organize, manage or boost up desktop \ laptop performance will result in deletion of important files.
  • Cut and Paste Operation: Most of them usually make use of cut paste operation to move files from one location to another. During the process if any sort of interruption occurs like sudden system shutdown due to unexpected power failure then it may lead to data loss.
  • Improper file transfer:  Transfer of file is a most important cause that brings about data sharing. When you transfer files from one device to other, during this process if you come across any interruption, then all your files will be lost.
  • Sudden Drive Ejection:Digital photos on cameras are usually saved on memory cards on cameras. Memory cards are very sensitive; you will have to handle it carefully. If there is any sudden ejection of memory card from system, this might lead to loss photos from that storage device.

Safety Measures:

  • Have regular backup of your important files so that, you will not be in trouble in any situations.
  • Use a reliable anti-virus application to scan your storage device to make free from virus attack.

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