Partitioning an internal hard disk is a process of splitting your storage space into two separate entities. This is an managerial behavior for the computer. It is always better to keep more than one logical volumes as it might help you keep certain files separate from others or carry on tasks that effect only one part of the drive but not the rest. Partitioning is useful technique for computer users and it is also very easy to implement.mac partition recovery

Why you should partition a drive?

Well, if you are looking to dual boot your device (having two operating system in the same computer for example Linux or Windows alongside the default Apple Mac OS on your system), then you will have to create a separate logical volume to support the dual operating system mode. You could also use it as a Time Machine backup (which isn’t recommended as you won’t be able to restore your system if the hard drive is physically damaged) or a unique way to test out Apple’s Lion OS while still maintaining your working Snow Leopard OS.

Computer generally works better in small chunk of data rather than huge amount, Hence if you have more than one partition it will only help in localizing the data in one logical volume with comparatively less amount. So partitions will also help in improving your Mac performance.

In Mac machines you can perform partitioning by using disk utility.


Before you carry out partitioning, you should back up your computer to an external hard drive. When modifying any aspect of your computer, especially one that holds all your personal data, it’s wise to make sure you have a copy in case something goes really wrong.

If it goes Wrong

One of the common situations of data loss, due to inability to understand the full process sometimes people do get stuck in between. As portioning will restructure your disk data information especially it will change beginning and end data structure, partitioning failure will erase some part of your data library.

Luckily that data doesn`t get overwritten, so Mac partition recovery can be made easy these days.

Recovery tools operate in this very fact that the data that is lost during partitioning is not completely lost. Only data directories are changed in this way that the location of files and folders gets omitted. A recovery tool will fetch this information and locate those files. Then recovering data becomes really easy.

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