wpid-7df6717283ca061576efdeb6b07a69cemsoutlookMoving outlook personal folders (PST) to new computer is not so easy and it’s a complex task. So, to migrate Outlook data one must know very well about Windows operating system and Microsoft Outlook features, hence not, transferring becomes a risky job and possibilities are there to corrupt the personal folders during migration. Even though, knowing the risks of manually transferring if you still persist, then read on this article to know more.

Some attentions to take care before moving PST to new computer:

  • Do not format your hard disk / drive containing PST files. Back up all Outlook data to a storage device before performing formatting.
  • Migrating your personal folders over network share is not supported by the MS Outlook.
  • Never try to move Outlook data to new computer without having proper knowledge about manual relocating.

Manual steps to migrate personal folder to a new computer:

  • Step-1: Go to the Outlook application and click “file” and in “Outlook option” windows, select “advanced” and in sub menu of Import and Export Wizard, click “Export to a file, and then choose“Next.
  • Step-2: After this select “Outlook Data File (PST)”, and then click “Next”.
  • Step-3: Now select the folder to be exported by pressing “Next”. After this a dialog box will open, where you need copy those files. Browse on it to your external storage and finish the transfer process by clicking “Ok”.
  • Step-4: After performing above steps, connect your flash storage device to your new computer containing Microsoft Outlook.
  • Step-5: Open the tool and select “import and export wizard” in “file” sub menu, click “import from another program or file”, and then select “Next”.
  • Step-6: Now “browse” the file and chose the file to import and complete the manual transferring by selecting “Ok”.

By following, the above manual steps you may be able to transfer Outlook personal folders. But, Microsoft Outlook does not provide any guarantee for your PST file during migration. Sometimes, you might land in unspecified error after performing such manual steps. Most of the times after manual transferring, you may get an error message during staring of application saying “cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Error have been detected in the folder”. Why to take so much of risks when you can effortlessly move Outlook personal folders to new computer?

How to move Outlook personal folders to new computer easily?

Simply install and use “migrate outlook software”. It a tool built especially to tackle all problems raised during migration of Outlook data. Even basic knowledge user can easily perform migration without much struggle, just install the application and follow 4 simple steps to migrate all your Outlook personal folders. You can even monitor the whole transferring process simply and also by using this application you can migrate Outlook data from various versions of MS Outlook such as 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.

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