Are your music files deleted? All your collections of valuable and precious music files gone? You need to forget worrying because this guide is about recovering deleted music files through a file recovery software. Don’t believe what you are reading? Install Remo Recover software on your computer and start recovering music files no matter what cause the deletion. You can download the software by visiting the link given in the description section through this link. That YouTube video describes how to recover music files in its 3-minute presentation. So, be prepared for that by installing Remo Recover software on your computer.

Click ‘Recover Photos (Photo/ Video/ Audio)’ in the main software screen. In the following screen of the software wizard, choose ‘Recover Deleted photos (Photo/ Video/ Audio)’. Select the drive from which you have lost your music files. If you lost or deleted music files from an external storage media, you need to connect the storage device in your computer in which you have installed Remo Recover tool. Choose the drive or partition from the grid view and proceed to next step by clicking the bottom-right arrow. This wizard wants you to specify the type of music file you want to restore, you can choose MP3, OGG, WAV or any music file you want to restore. The software has also an option to skip this step. Once specified, the software will scan for the music files thoroughly on the disk which you have selected.

The scan usually takes some time to finish depending upon the memory size of the disk drive you are scanning for deleted music files. Then it will show all the restored music files on the screen which have options to mark next to each file. You can simply choose the root folder to select each and individual file and then proceed to next step. This screen wants you to select an output destination folder for saving the restored files. Preview the music files if you want to and then save it. An upgraded software license is required to save the files on your disk.

Music Files Deletion Scenarios

  • Virus infections corrupt the music files and delete them.
  • Accidentally choosing the wrong music files for deletion.
  • Ejection of any storage media while moving the music files to it.
  • Using any unreliable music editor or converter to edit / convert music files.
  • Using unreliable third party music player software can corrupt and delete those files.

Under all such scenarios, using Remo Recover will save you from data loss and actually restores it back on your computer drive. This is because of the strong recovery algorithms and because of these list of features.

Key Features of Remo Recover Tool

  • Restores all music files regardless of their file types. It can also recover pictures as well as videos.
  • Recovers entire music albums with few simple clicks.
  • Effective despite of its simple interface.
  • Provides a free preview of the restored music files.
  • Restores music files in a less amount of time.
  • All physical disk drives are supported for restoring music files.

Watching the video by following the above link will clear all your doubts regarding the recovery process.

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