Worried? Thinking how to recover unreadable mp4 files? Here’s a way by which the unreadable mp4 files can be recovered within a few clicks .The Recover Media allows the user to recover lost data which is free software available for download throughout the internet and is compatible to multiple operating systems likes of Windows and Mac including their latest version.
The MPEG-4(Motion picture expert group) or MP4 is a digital multimedia container format which is used to store different multimedia format but can used to store different data like subtitles and still images.
The official filename extension of audio and video is generally “.mp4” and the files with audio format which has the format of “.m4a” and are basically a non-protected format.
The .m4p are the files extension for iTunes store which are in  format. The podcast files and audiobook which contains data for a data and has a file extension is .m4a. The RAW Mp4 Visual bit streams are with .m4v extension format. Most of the data are embedded in Mp4 files through private streams and separate track is used to store the streaming information of the files.

Now let’s determine the reasons for corruption of data

• The mp4 files can be corrupted due to the virus and suspicious website which may be inflicted while upgrading/downloading.
• Unintentional formatting of the drive deletes all the components, thus resulting in loss of data. Deleting the file using “SHFT+DEL” simultaneously deleted the file permanently thus bypassing the recycle bin.
• Sometimes due to the presence of bad sectors on the device may also result in corrupted/lost files as files residing cannot be accessed.
• Disconnecting the device prior to the completion of the transfer process may result in unreadable files.

Why Recover Media?

The Recover media is a quick and easy retrieval of all popular formats of audio(.mp3,.mp4)and RAW images format(CR2,NEF,PEF etc) and has special built-in algorithm and high scanning speed which scans throughout the device to recover data. The “Find” tool allows the user to refine the search by refining on the basis of creation date, type, name etc. The “Preview” tool allows the user to view the files before saving the recovered files to their destination folder. The “Save recovery Session” allows the user to save the progress of the recovery process so that one can continue from thereon rather than repeated scanning of the whole drive which is a pretty tiresome and time-taking job. The “Open recovery session” allows the user to continue from the point where the user left off by opening the saved recovery session.
The idea of “First try and Buy” enables the user to first download and try with the     Free version which allows recovery of the corrupted files but then saving them to the      destination folder requires to upgrade to the Pro version which has added features.

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