Nowadays, everyone is commonly used flash memory cards in their portable electronic devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, handheld computers, digital video camcorders, audio players, etc. CF (compact flash), MMC (multimedia card), XD (Extreme digital), Smart media cards are the various types of memory cards that have a capability to store large amount of files. SD (Secure Digital) card is also a type of memory card that is most commonly used to store different types of files like audio files, video file, image files, text file etc. SD cards are mainly typed of second generation multimedia card. SD cards are physically similar to multimedia cards, but the main difference is SD cards have extra locking switch. Locking switch is also called as a protective lock-switch that allows the SD card to read or write the data only when the switch is in open position. When the protective switch is in closed position, then data can be only read from the SD card and not written by it. This feature allows you to protect the files that are stored on SD cards from accidental overwrites. Even though, SD cards are more susceptible for logical failures causing loss of files. In order to recover deleted files and folder from SD card, you need an advanced recovery software that is capable to recover data easily.

Accidental deletion of files is the most common reason that causes loss of files. Actually, files can be transferred from SD cards to computer via card reader or USB cable. If you accidentally delete any important file from SD card, when it is connected to computer, then it does not move to Windows Recycle Bin instead it bypasses the Recycle Bin. Any data deleted from removable storage devices, when they are connected to computer does not move to Windows Recycle Bin instead the files bypass the Recycle Bin. Such files cannot be restored using “restore” option. Hence, accidental deletion may result in a loss of files. Sometimes, file system of an SD card may get corrupted resulting in loss of files. Generally, all memory cards support FAT32 file system to organize files in an appropriate manner. If this file system gets corrupted then it does not allow you to access the files from SD card resulting in a loss of files.

The best way to avoid these problems is taking backup of important files. If you have backup file, then no need to worry as you can restore lost files from backup file. If you have not taken backup then also don’t worry because the files and folder are not permanently lost or deleted from SD card, they can be recovered easily using Recover Deleted Folders application.

Recover Deleted Folders is an efficient recovery program that mainly recovers deleted or lost files and folders from SD card. This software is capable to recover deleted folders and files from different types of different types of memory cards such as CF, MMC, XD, memory stick, SD cards like SD, SDXC, SDIO, SDHC, Mini SD, Micro SD, etc. By using this advanced program you can recover folder and files from various storage drives and also different type of files. You can download the demo version of this software to estimate recovery results.

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