USB drive has proved that it is an important invention in the field of information technology. Almost every user are habituated with the USB drives for saving and transferring essential files and easily carried out along with them from one place to another when there is a need. USB drives are secure and safe to store and move data from system to another. Because, it do not have moving parts that helps in storing data just it is having in system’s internal hard disks. Here’s more information for the user who want to know about USB drives and its specification. But, a situation comes where most of the users are in need of USB recovery tool. When they loss or delete precious data from USB drives in some circumstances that leads to loss of data and user assume that, they data has been erased permanently.

usb recovery toolBut, the truth is somewhat different data still resides in the memory space of the USB drive. The storage space where the erased data was stored are tagged has deleted items. Due to this operating system shows user as free space and it is ready for storing new file. Most of the IT experts suggest that, after losing data from USB storage device do not use it further for saving new data. It may overwrite the memory space of the deleted or lost data with new one. The data recovery is impossible if once data got overwritten. If not, there is a chance of recovering files with the aid of reliable third party program like USB recovery tool with utmost ease.

Scenarios for deletion of files from USB drives:

  • File system of USB drive gets corrupted: The file system gets corrupted on account of abruptly ejecting the device from the system or forceful shut down when USB disk is connected to PC and result in loss of files.
  • Mistakenly formatting USB drive: Sometimes user find much difficulty to access data because of issues such as corruption. So, to overcome from this disaster without having any other option user might format the USB drive; this will lead to loss of data completely in just few seconds.
  • Malicious programs: The files stored on the USB drives are get deleted or infected when the malicious programs like viruses, Trojan, worms, etc are inserted in the system.
  • Other reasons: There are some other factors for erasing data from USB disk which includes accidental deletion, bad sectors, during conversion of file system, transferring files from one PC to another.

Tips to avoid data loss in USB drive:

  • Always take back up of data from USB drive to other storage devices.
  • Make use of write protect in USB device for avoiding accidental deletion or formatting.
  • Before deletion, make sure about your action and selection.
  • Keep the antivirus program up to date on your computer, which will help you from fighting suspicious programs.

What is there for you using USB recovery tool?

This tool is build with advance scanning algorithm which can help you in restoring data lost from USB drive with few simple steps. It is capable of retrieving various types of data from USB disk such as word documents, videos, photos, audios and more. You can run this software on different versions of Mac and Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mac OS X, Windows XP, etc. It is safe and secure in performing data restoration process from the USB drives. Use this link to know more about this application

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