Zip file format is used to minimize the file size in order to share or save them. Zip enables you to compress its content up to 90% smaller size without losing any content. Today there are many Zip utilities are available for compressing a file the zip process will not affect the original file because they always create a copy before converting the file. Zip file can store multiple number of files in compressed form. With the help of zip utility we can save our valuable space in the hard drive without losing the utility compress one or more files to save disk space so that files can be easily stored and transported via email, USB flash drives or over internet.

Zip is a complex process of compressing or extracting of files so there is high degree of risk regarding the corruption of data. Zip file may corrupt due to many reasons such as header error, CRC error, downloading error etc. If you are facing with such situation then don’t worry use Repair ZIP utility for repairing the corrupted zip files without altering the original file. From below you can see the major scenarios behind Zip file corruption.

How Zip file get corrupted:
Virus and malware attack: While downloading Zip files over the network there are higher chances of corruption due to virus attacks. If virus, malware, or worm attack the zip file then it may damage the zip file and it became inaccessible.
Due to partial download from internet: CRC errors and file header corruption may occur in Zip files due to interruption in downloading or due to incomplete transfer during a send / receive email process. So always ensure all process is completed before the termination of your computer.
Interruption occurs wile extracting of Zip files: sudden shut down while extracting and compressing a Zip file may lead to corruption of the Zip file .Sometimes interruption in internet connection while sharing Zip file may leads to corruption or damage.
Repair ZIP utility is the one of popular zip repair utility. It can perform fast and easy repair of Zip and Zipx files with in few mouse clicks. It can repire large zip files which is more than 4 GB without losing any content in it. It allows user to preview files after repairing process completes and it also allows to save the repaired file in any storage device according to user desire. It not only perform zip repair but also repire corrupted RAR files. Repair ZIP utility will support in both windows and in Mac platform. It have the potential to repire 23 bit and 64 bit Zip files.
Suggestions to protect zip files:
• Install licensed and genuine anti-virus utility to protect zip files against virus arrack.
• Always keep backup of important zip files on cloud or in any other devices.
• Use reliable third party utility to extract compressed Zip file and protect zip files against damage.
• Avoid extension altering of zip files.
• Use high speed internet connection for sharing zip file over internet.

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